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Pixel 6 update: Buy my Pixel 6!

That’s right. For the low low price of whatever it auctions for on Ebay you too can have your very own Pixel 6. I’m setting the starting price at $400.00. That’s a little over half of what it cost me new. If it ends up being higher than that fantastic. If not and it only sells for the $400.00… well that’s fine too. Here is a link to the auction.

Google Pixel 6 – 256GB – Stormy Black (Unlocked) – Lightly Used | eBay

Why sell it so cheap? It’s not broken, scratched, or cracked. I simply hate the phone. As I said in my regular person’s review:

Using the phone for any length of time is not comfortable. It’s heavy and the camera bar location makes it top heavy. Sitting around browsing the web or using Instagram it doesn’t take long for my pinky finger and index finger to feel fatigued. I have to hold it more like a tablet with all my fingers in the back and my thumb on the side. But because the phone is too small to be a tablet holding it that way doesn’t feel secure. The bottom line is this phone is big, heavy, and bulky.

I’m on the fence with regard to returning it. The only thing that is a significant upgrade for me is the battery. I wish it was easy to replace the battery in the Pixel 3 and that Google wasn’t cutting off updates so soon. I wouldn’t think twice to replace the battery in it and continue using it.

A regular person’s review of the Pixel 6 – Kevin Bae

I wrote a follow up review after the 14-day return period passed. I wasn’t happy that I missed the return window. Now over a month in with this phone, I’m sick of carrying around a giant monstrosity. I put my SIM back in my Pixel 3 and have been using that for the last week. It’s a welcome return to a more friendly size.

Things never got better with the Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor. I tried registering the same finger multiple times as some suggested online. It didn’t help. I kept looking for a software update because I read that there was one that fixed the fingerprint issue. My phone never received an update no matter how many times I checked. I’m still on Build Number SD1A.210817.036. Supposedly the build ending in 037 is the one with the fix.

I’m also not happy with the camera. The pictures it takes are too warm and over processed by default. I read there is also a fix for that coming but I haven’t seen it. My camera app was last updated on December 7th and nothing changed with the quality of the pictures. You can go back to my original review to see the difference in the pictures.

Android 12 is annoying, and I wish I never upgraded my Pixel 3 to that version. I’m not a fan of the giant Fischer Price buttons everywhere, the wasted space at the top of the Home Screen, and the giant stacked numbers that is the lock screen clock. That clock can’t be changed and it’s an abomination. I was so unhappy with Android 12 that I downloaded and installed Nova Launcher on my Pixel 3. I haven’t downloaded a launcher since my days with a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Google Now launcher.

The reasons I buy Google Pixel phones are the great camera, the Google Android experience, and the less-than-flagship price. They did away with the reasonable pricing with the Pixel 3 but I still had 2 out of 3. Now with Android 12 and the picture quality they’ve taken away the last two. I may be done with this line of phones or even smart phones in general.

The only good thing to me about the Pixel 6 is battery life.

The battery in my Pixel 3 no longer lasts a full day. In my review of the Pixel 6 I said if it was cheaper to replace the battery in the Pixel 3 I would have just done that. Sending it out to someone will cost about $100.00. Well… I bought a replacement battery and the backing adhesive on Amazon for less than $30.00. That combined with the video below on YouTube and mission accomplished. I put a new larger battery in my Pixel 3 and its back to lasting me all day.

My experience will not sell you on the Pixel 6. But I find most people are not like me and don’t have the same tastes in hardware and software. You may love this phone.

I’ll throw in a Moment case at no extra charge (a $50 value!) since I won’t be needing it. The case is compatible with Moment’s MagSafe accessories and should be compatible with any Apple MagSafe mount or charger. Please note though that the lens mount part of this case is cracked.

If you use Moment lenses it may not be super secure. But hey you still get a free case!

Buy now! And please bid it up so I can get close to what I paid.

I will continue to use my Pixel 3 until something better comes along or it breaks. If it breaks, I’ll go back to my Pixel 2. And if that breaks… well maybe tin cans and strings.