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Vaccine trials showed over 99.5% of participants didn’t get infected with SARS-CoV-2

If you don’t follow Dr. Zoe Harcombe you’re missing out. She published her weekly newsletter today. She goes through vaccine efficacy, number needed to treat (NNT), and vaccine safety. In Pfizer’s original vaccine paper they showed their vaccine had a 90% efficacy against COVID-19 what wasn’t reported is 99.8% of the people in the trial did not get COVID-19. Yes that’s right. Most people in the trial didn’t even get infected with what is being pushed as the most infectious disease known to man.

The press release reported that 43,538 participants had been enrolled and that 94 cases of Covid-19 had been confirmed among the participants. The information in the press release allowed the calculation that 9 cases were in the vaccine arm and 85 were in the placebo arm.

Efficacy, NNT & Safety – Zoë Harcombe (

No one was getting sick.

In Example 1, 43,444 out of 43,538 participants – that’s 99.8% of people – did not get Covid-19.

In Example 2, 36,353 out of 36,523 participants – that’s 99.5% of people – did not get Covid-19.

In Example 3, 11,505 out of 11,636 participants – that’s 98.9% of people – did not get Covid-19.

In Example 4, 2,244 out of 2,260 participants – that’s 99.3% of people – did not get Covid-19.

Efficacy, NNT & Safety – Zoë Harcombe (

The number needed to treat is what also stands out. Dr. Harcombe reports that the flu shot has a NNT of about 70. Meaning you need to treat 70 people with the vaccine in order to prevent 1 person from catching the illness. The NNT for Pfizer’s first vaccine trial is 286. 4 times higher than the flu shot!

The NNT in Pfizer’s second paper on their vaccine trial, where they apparently jiggled the numbers, is 119.

The NNT in AstraZeneca’s first vaccine trial is 83.

And, in Pfizer’s trial of 12 to 15 year olds the NNT is 70. I don’t know how good this trial was since it was so tiny. Only 2,260 participants were in it. Regardless the NNT is no better than the freaking flu.

Unless I’m not understanding Dr. Harcombe’s analysis correctly the entire world has been sold a lie about COVID-19, the infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2, and the effectiveness of the vaccines. It’s pretty disgusting.

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