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Voluntary population reduction. A propagandist success story.

It’s hard to control people. It’s even harder when there are a lot of them. When it does succeed it has historically ended in famine, mass illness, death, and revolution. Trying to control massive numbers of people never ends well. There has been a push for a long time to institute population control. Abortion is front and center in that fight and the legalization of the procedure, for any point in a pregnancy, has population control at its core. The book, “The Population Bomb”, tried to scare people into submission. Back in the 1970’s the climate change scare was global cooling. It was predicted we will enter into a new ice age and we’ll all die.

Those things didn’t seem to take… at first. Through the end of the 1980’s people didn’t seem to care much for all the scare mongering. But something radically changed in the 1990’s. I noticed it because my kids were just starting elementary school then. The tone changed regarding teaching children to be self-sufficient. Instead schools tried to teach them they should never suffer. Testing is too hard. Bullies are evil. Being called out on your misspelled words is traumatizing. Everything they were doing seemed designed to protect children from life. Life is hard… as it should be.

Fast forward these kids to their college years and they find themselves in the perfect petri dish for softened up psyches. Universities full of liberal leftist professors who fomented the curriculum absorbed by these children when they were young created “safe spaces” where they could continue the great softening. These kids were protected from anything resembling rigorous thought. They had them right where they wanted them and they hammered it home. Kids went into debt paying their universities and professors for the mental torture and abuse they would unknowingly suffer.

So here we are in 2021. Young men and women are voluntarily sterilizing themselves so they won’t procreate.

Last year, the number of deaths exceeded that of births in 25 states — up from five the year before. The marriage rate is also at an all-time low, at 6.5 marriages per 1,000 people. Millennials are the first generation where a majority are unmarried (about 56%). They are also more likely to live with their own parents, according to Pew, than previous generations were in their twenties and thirties. 

They also aren’t having sex. The number of young men (ages 18 to 30) who admit they have had no sex in the past year tripled between 2008 and 2018. Cities like New York, where young, secular Americans flock to to build their lives, are increasingly childless. In San Francisco, there are more dogs than children.

It used to be that people wanted to make babies. Women, especially, but also men. That was a healthy young person’s default position, and our existence depended on it. We wanted to do other things, of course, and the great post-feminist challenge was how to have it all — the proper work-life balance, the career and the baby, the supportive husband and the adventurous life.

But now, for an increasing number, the question isn’t how to have it all. It’s: why do it at all? 

This psychological reversal didn’t just happen. It took place inside the hurricane of spiritual, cultural and environmental forces swirling around us. But the message from this young cohort is clear: Life is already exhausting enough. And the world is broken and burning. Who would want to bring new, innocent life into a criminally unequal society situated on a planet with catastrophically rising sea levels?

First Comes Love. Then Comes Sterilization. – by Suzy Weiss – Common Sense with Bari Weiss (

They’ve been taught its evil and cruel to bring more children into this world and so they make sure they won’t. The propagandists have succeeded. They have successfully made young people believe narcissism is altruism.

Population will be reduced through attrition. Are there enough of the younger generations having children to rescue society from this mental condition?

Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay