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I agree with Climate Change fanatics… they should not bring children into this world

The best things Climate Change fanatics can do are, self-sterilization, personal sexual abstinence to ensure they can’t impregnate or get impregnated, or self-destruction. They are already so full of self-righteousness I think they may be convinced to make the ultimate sacrifice for the planet. I’m far too selfish to take my own life to save the Earth.

This article is full of fear mongering nonsense. If you weren’t convinced yet that Climate Change fanatics ignore science and are part of a doomsday cult you will be after reading the baloney in the linked article.

But not having a child, in the developed world at least, saves 59 tonnes (tCO2e) emission reductions per year. So having a child inflicts far more harm on the planet than all the jet-setting and steak-eating you might do: it wipes out any climate good we can as individuals hope to achieve during our lifetimes.

I’ve been sorting recyclables and using low-energy bulbs for too many years to shrug those numbers off. If you accept that flying around the world and burning fossil fuels is an act of climate destruction, then it stands to reason that — to dip back into melodrama for a minute — having a child is the grandest act of climate destruction I can easily commit.

Having a child is the grandest act of climate destruction – The Spectator World

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay