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Damning letter from 1988 against Anthony Fauci and his blocking of treatment for AIDS

The Village Voice reprinted an article from May 31, 1988. It’s a scathing rebuke of Anthony Fauci and his blocking of treatments for AIDS while pushing AZT. Does this sound familiar? Fauci is a bad actor. This guy needs to go. Our government is filled with guys like this in all the regulatory agencies. We need term limits on these people. You should only be allowed to work in government a maximum of 10 years. After that you’re done. No pensions for life and back to the private sector so we don’t get career bureaucrats running our lives.

We tell you what the good drugs are, you don’t test them, then YOU TELL US TO GET THEM ON THE STREETS. You continue to pass down word from On High that you don’t like this drug or that drug — when you haven’t even tested them. THERE ARE MORE AIDS VICTIMS DEAD BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T TEST DRUGS ON THEM THAN BECAUSE YOU DID.

You’ve yet to test imuthiol, AS101, dextran sulfate, DHEA, Imreg-1, Erythropoietin — all drugs Gay Men’s Health Crisis considers top priority. You do like AZT, which consumes 80 percent of your studies, even though Dr. Barry Gingell, GMHC’s medical director, now describes AZT as “a cumulative poison… foisted on the public.” Soon there will be more AIDS patients dead because you did test drugs on them — the wrong drugs.

ACT UP was formed over a year ago to get experimental drugs into the bodies of patients. For one year ACT UP has tried every kind of protest known to man (short of putting bombs in your toilet or flames up your institute) to get some movement in this area. One year later, ACT UP is still screaming for the same drugs they begged and implored you and your world to release. One year of screaming, protesting, crying, cajoling, lobbying, threatening, imprecating, marching, testifying, hoping, wishing, praying has brought nothing. You don’t listen. No one listens. No one has ears. Or hearts.

An Open Letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci – The Village Voice