65% of gorillas at Zoo Atlanta test positive for COVID-19

13 out of 20 gorillas got infected and the likely superspreader was a fully vaccinated staff member who was also wearing gloves, a mask, and a face shield. Is it obvious yet that there is pretty much no way to stop the spread of this virus? It will work it’s way across the Earth like every other coronavirus before it.

I call for mandatory vaccines for all primates!! If we have to get it then so do they.

The 20 gorillas at Zoo Atlanta are divided into four troops, and members of every troop have shown evidence of infection. Rivera said it is likely that the virus made its way into the gorilla population from an animal care staffer who was asymptomatic when she came to work, but was tested later and was shown to be positive.

That staffer had already been vaccinated and was wearing the protective gear that has long been part of Zoo Atlanta protocol, including gloves, mask and a face shield.

There is no requirement that members of the Zoo Atlanta staff get vaccinated, though a high percentage of the staff has been vaccinated, said spokesperson Rachel Davis.

Zoo Atlanta gorillas infected with COVID-19 (ajc.com)

Image by Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay from Pixabay