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Forget 8 months for your COVID-19 booster. It’s been boosted to just 6!

Come get ’em while they last! Next thing you know they’ll be handing you vaccinations like chicklets. Maybe instead of a lollipop when you leave the doctor’s office they’ll just give you a booster jab instead. What happened to following science?!?

Federal regulators are likely to approve a Covid-19 booster shot for vaccinated adults starting at least six months after the previous dose rather than the eight-month gap they previously announced, a person familiar with the plans said, as the Biden administration steps up preparations for delivering boosters to the public.

Data from vaccine manufacturers and other countries under review by the Food and Drug Administration is based on boosters being given at six months, the person said. The person said approval for boosters for all three Covid-19 shots being administered in the U.S.—those manufactured by Pfizer Inc. and partner BioNTech SE, Moderna Inc. and Johnson & Johnson —is expected in mid-September.

Biden Administration Likely to Approve Covid-19 Boosters at Six Months – WSJ

Image by Jan Felix Christiansen from Pixabay