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It’s immoral to give millions to incentivize vaccines when your state is broke

The Chicago Tribune asks the question, “Is it ethical to offer lottery entries in exchange for people to get vaccinated?”

The answer is no. Especially when the state in question is Illinois and is drowning in hundreds of billions in pension debt.

How about asking this question of Fat Blagojevich (aka Governor Pritzker) and the Democrat controlled general assembly, Is it ethical to leave the state’s constitution alone and not change the provision that prevents the general assembly from fixing the pension mess?

In case they don’t know the answer it’s… NO. Fix the fucking problem and stop giving money away for stupid things.

Is it ethical to offer lottery entries in exchange for people to get vaccinated? What about prize money? How about taking things away if they don’t?

As the Delta variant complicates the recovery from the pandemic, and health officials seek ways to convince people to get vaccinated, many incentives are emerging. In Illinois, the Department of Public Health has offered $7 million in cash prizes and $3 million in scholarships. In recent weeks, prizes went to residents in Chicago, Quincy, Springfield, Berwyn and Joliet. Last week, the Chicago health department announced they will offer $25 Visa gift cards for those vaccinated at home.

Chicago Tribune