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We are now China… or at least acting like it

January 6, 2021. The day the truth died. The United States government is holding almost 600 political prisoners.

Since supporters of then-President Donald Trump swarmed the US Capitol on January 6 — forcing Congress to go into lockdown and damaging the halls of government — 590 people have been arrested and charged with crimes.

They’ve been holding them for months. Many of them having committed no violent crimes. The United States government is also suppressing evidence and denying the accused the right to view the evidence against them unfettered.

The Justice Department, in numerous cases, is seeking protective orders to rigorously limit how surveillance video is handled by defense attorneys. Recordings have been deemed “highly sensitive” government material subject to onerous rules; the accused only have access to the evidence in a supervised setting. Clips cannot be copied, downloaded, shared, or reproduced in any fashion.

“Defense counsel may not provide a copy of Highly Sensitive materials to Defendant or permit Defendant to view such materials unsupervised by defense counsel or an attorney, investigator, paralegal, or support staff person employed by defense counsel,” Judge Amit Mehta wrote in a protective order related to the conspiracy case against members of the Oath Keepers. “The parties agree that defense counsel or an attorney, investigator, paralegal, or support staff person employed by defense counsel, may supervise Defendant by allowing access to Highly Sensitive materials through a cloud-based delivery system that permits Defendant to view the materials but does not permit Defendant the ability to download.”

The United States government is obfuscating and covering up public information that should be widely available to media outlets and the public in general by withholding thousands of hours of recorded video from inside and around public spaces of the Capitol Building.

Journalists continue to be frustrated by the Justice Department’s suppression tactics. In a plea last week to Beryl Howell, chief judge of the D.C. District Court handling all the January 6 cases, 14 news organizations asked for better access to video evidence presented in court. (Virtual court proceedings further help prosecutors keep the clips under wraps.)

“[T]he press and public have not been able to access these videos on the Court’s electronic dockets,” lawyers representing CNN, ABC News, the Wall Street Journal and others wrote in a May 3 letter. “Delayed access to these historic records shuts the public out of an important part of the administration of justice.” The government, the lawyers told Howell, refuses to give a “substantive answer” as to why the video evidence isn’t publicly available and listed several cases where surveillance footage was played in court but not otherwise accessible.

Our government, the United States of America, is treating their political opponents as the enemy. What happened to our country? What happened to our government? This is how a communist totalitarian regime behaves. This is how China, North Korea, and Cuba behave.

Scores of Cubans who participated in recent mass protests have received sentences of up to one year in prison or house arrest in summary trials without due process, civil rights activists and relatives of detainees say.

Activists estimate that Cuba’s security agents detained more than 600 demonstrators and activists shortly after the wave of spontaneous, nationwide protests in mid-July. Those were a response to a sharp deterioration in living conditions and lack of freedom under six decades of Communist rule.

Wall Street Journal

I didn’t think the election of Donald Trump to the presidency would unleash this type of backlash by unhinged people who have no respect for the rights of the individual and no respect for the rights that are supposed to be protected by the Bill of Rights. The Constitution, at least for now, is dead.

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