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Chicago Tribune sees mass exodus of columnists then sends me a subscription increase bill

It didn’t take long for the buyer of the Tribune to gut the once mighty newspaper. Buyouts were offered and all the columnists that were worth reading took their buyouts. The biggest was John Kass and the latest is Dahleen Glanton. I read them both regularly. Not just to keep tabs on my home town but to get exposed to diametrically opposed points of view. The news section has been hard to read for a long time because most of it is syndicated news from Associated Press, New York Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg, and others. The local reporting is still sharp but how long is that going to last if subscribers leave en masse because their favorite columnists are gone. What are we going to look forward to? Rex Huppke? That’s a joke in more ways than one.

Alden Capital needs to officially change the name to simply The Tribune because they’ve taken all the Chicago out.