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Non-Social in a Socially Networked World

Warm and fuzzy thoughts for the day

People keep saying the country is divided and they blame President Trump. In my opinion, Trump was the festering infection that resulted from the virus of progressivism and Biden is like gangrene setting in. We need to chop off a limb or two in order to stop the infection from killing us.

If you honestly think Trump is to blame for everything that has happened since 2016 you’re one of a few things. Let me list them.

  • Stupid
  • Ignorant (not the same as stupid)
  • Blind (to society not to sight)
  • In denial
  • A raging progressive (more hardcore than a regular progressive)
  • Progressive
  • Or have TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome… duh)
  • I’m sure there’s more but this is all I could think of for this rant

For decades we’ve been headed down this path. It started with education and may be tied to the creation of the Department of Education. Prior to that cabinet office public schools were controlled by each state. Enter federal money and now the government is telling states what to do in order to keep money flowing. My generation, Generation X as we are called, may be the last generation to be educated largely without influence by the Department of Education. Did it exist when I was in elementary school? Yes, but the cancer did not metastasize until I was out of high school.

All the generations to follow were taught what to think instead of how to think. They were taught to follow and to not make waves. Private property in public school didn’t exist. My kids had a supply list to bring but it wasn’t for them it was for the entire class (I hated that). Teaching changed where they didn’t want to stress kids out. I had a conversation with one of my kid’s teachers when she wouldn’t correct my daughter’s spelling. I asked the teacher why they’re not correcting spelling and the teacher actually told me they didn’t want to cause “sadness.” As a result the child can spell the word any way they want. I told the teacher, “you know I correct her spelling at home? I tell her it’s wrong and that the school should have marked it wrong and given a lower grade.” It didn’t matter. That was the warning shot.

I saw the writing on the wall when my son was in kindergarten in the same school. He was already able to read. I discovered that during “reading time” when the first graders would come to read to the kindergarteners that my son was actually reading to the first graders. I asked his teacher if they could find something more challenging for him or move him up to first grade. They wouldn’t move him up because they’re concerned about his social development over his academic development. Instead they gave him a ton of busy work that did nothing to teach to his level. After that I moved both kids into private school. From that moment on I paid close attention to what was being taught in schools. My tax dollars funded the public school system while I was shelling out extra dollars for a better private education.

It’s only gotten worse. Much worse. The crap taught in public school is inappropriate. Instead of being concerned about making sure kids finish high school able to read, write, and do math schools are more concerned with indoctrination into some kind of socialist societal movement. One where no one can bully you, market forces don’t exist, and all white people are racist. They’re taught their country is the worst on Earth and that our institutions and beliefs are immoral. They’re not taught the truth about the founding of our nation and instead taught that our founders did nothing more than rape, pillage, and commit genocide against the indigenous people. A nation can’t remain a united nation if the founding of that nation is believed to be immoral.

Is there a way to right this ship? I have no fucking clue. COVID-19 revealed much about our country and the world. As long as the government is shelling out bread and circuses we’re loathed to fight or ever resist authoritarianism. We’re too comfortable. The world’s economies are houses of cards waiting to be blown down from decades of debt and printing money. Should things collapse, for real not like in 2008, and true poverty hits western civilization maybe then people will rise up to resist the people currently running the world.

Image by randy7 from Pixabay