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Why DOESN’T Kamala Harris just go to the damn border already?

Biden taps Harris to take command of the illegal alien surge at the U.S./Mexico border. It’s hard to believe it was only 2 months ago.

Then she doesn’t go and there are denials that she is even taking up the job of border security.

“The Vice President is not doing the border,” a senior advisor to Harris told reporters Friday. “The President asked the vice president to take on the diplomatic efforts with Mexico and …the Northern Triangle to address the root causes of migration.”

Fox News

Then the Lester Holt interview where she goes a little bonkers on being questioned about going to the border.

And subsequently all the other border questions.

Honestly… why doesn’t Kamala Harris just go to the damn border?!? It’s not like it will make a difference in the number of people coming across nor will it change anything with U.S. policy. But, with all the criticism from all sides and Harris’ crazy “we’ve been to the border” “I’m going to the border” nonsense she could eliminate it all by just going.

Is she now stuck in a position where she doesn’t want to look like she was forced to go to the border? She is coming off as one of the biggest morons to ever hold the office of Vice President.