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COVID-19 did NOT kill William Shakespeare… it wasn’t the vaccine either

Good old Bill did get vaccinated. In fact, he was the first man in the world to get the Pfizer vaccine. He received his shot in December of 2020 only to die of a stroke a short 5 months later. But, don’t for a minute think it had anything to do with the vaccine.

Bill Shakespeare, 81, received his first Covid vaccine in December at University Hospital Coventry shortly after 91-year-old Margaret Keenan.

Coventry councillor Jayne Innes, a friend of Mr Shakespeare, said he had died on Thursday and added the “best tribute to Bill is to have the jab”.

Mr Shakespeare had worked at Rolls-Royce and was a parish councillor.

The 81-year-old, who had served his local community in Allesley for more than three decades, died of a stroke, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust said.


People who are over the age of 75 are statistically more apt to die just because of their age. I’m sure Mr. Shakespeare was a nice guy but we shut down the world for a group of people that were close to death in the first place. I wonder what the statistics are for people over the age of 80 that died in the same length of time post vaccine.