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January 6th is our Tiananmen Square in reverse

Dangerous insurrectionists
What an armed insurrection doesn’t look like

This is our Tiananmen Square moment. Except in reverse. In China when they massacred protesters there was the “official narrative” and reality. The official narrative sidestepped and denied that anything major happened other than the shutting down of illegal protests and a restoration of order. In reality hundreds and perhaps thousands of people were killed by the Chinese government. Here in the U.S. the media has told you repeatedly there was an armed insurrection at the U.S. capitol on January 6, 2021. The Democrats continue to hammer the notion home that Donald Trump and his acolytes tried to over throw the government in a deadly and bloody coup attempt. An insurrection never happened.

There were hearings in D.C. about this and this is how the Associated Press covered it.

Republicans sought to rewrite the history of the Jan. 6 insurrection during a rancorous congressional hearing Wednesday, painting the Trump supporters who attacked the building as mostly peaceful patriots and downplaying repeatedly the violence of the day.

Yahoo! News

The violence of that day is well-established, particularly after an impeachment trial that focused on the clashes between rioters and police that left officers beaten and bloodied, including one who was crushed between a door and another shocked with a stun gun before he had a heart attack. Some of the insurrectionists threatened to hang then-Vice President Mike Pence and menacingly called out for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in an apparent effort to find her in the building.

Yahoo! News

They’re trying to tell you something happened when it didn’t. Was there a protest? Yes. At most 2 people died during the protest. One was shot by capitol police and another was trampled. I’m sure there were injuries as things got out of control but it is abundantly clear from anyone watching it unfold live on TV that day is that most of it was in fact peaceful and there was no armed insurrection. If what the media is peddling actually occurred there would have been far more damage and way more people dead.

We’re being lied to once again. It’s up to the people to realize what is happening and vote these people out. They are guilty of dereliction of duty. They are violating their oath to protect and defend the constitution. They need to be removed.

Here’s a reminder of exactly what happened that day. I have videos that I blogged that surprisingly are still up on YouTube.

Videos of the “insurrection” and “coup attempt” you won’t see on the news – Kevin Bae dot com