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Biden & Harris are absent from weekly COVID-19 task force meetings

The governors of all 50 states have a weekly meeting with the White House COVID task force. They’ve been doing this since it was formed. Seems the task of protecting America from the dreaded SARS-CoV-2 virus is taking a back seat in the new administration. I can understand if President Biden isn’t in on the meetings. It’s probably hard to wake him up in the mornings. Harris is young enough to get up early but unlike her predecessor Mike Pence she only attended one meeting… for 5 minutes… and took no questions.

The Trump White House hosted a total of 40 COVID conference calls. Pence led 39 of them, according to that administration’s final COVID report first obtained by RCP. Trump participated in eight. Things are different now, said Pete Ricketts. “President Biden hasn’t been on any of them,” the Nebraska governor told RCP, “and Vice President Harris has only been on one, but that was for about five minutes and she didn’t take any questions.”

Real Clear Politics

The kicker is that Governor Andrew Cuomo (aka “The Savior of Seniors”) has been put in charge.

Andrew Cuomo now leads the calls as chairman of the National Governors Association. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained that the New York governor was put in charge instead of the vice president because a change was needed. One of the reasons, Psaki told reporters in March, “is that there were operational aspects of the way the last administration approached COVID and approached the distribution of vaccines or approached planning and engagement with governors that wasn’t working.”

Real Clear Politics

They take the Emmy Award winning governor who may have sent thousands off to their deaths and place him in charge because he’s more competent than the Trump Administration? Wow.