Kevin Bae

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When China likes our choice for President you know it was the wrong choice

Official state media from China praises Trump’s exit from the scene. They are all too happy that there will be no one standing in their way towards world dominance.

China has been chipping away at the United States for decades. The beginning was during the Clinton Administration, continued through the Bush Administration, and took off like a rocket during the Obama Administration. From the 1990’s to today China has used it’s manufacturing relationship with the United States to push its influence into Africa, South America, and Western European multi-governmental organizations. They’ve also cornered the market on precious metals that are the foundation of all modern computer technology.

China had loads of trouble launching rockets until the Clinton Administration allowed certain key technologies to be sold to the communist nation. President Bush started the process but it was Clinton that pushed it over the goal line.

Blast forward to the 2000’s where high technology manufacturing in China became almost exclusive for American companies. Chinese factories through a slow process of learning and stealing the best of American ideas in computer manufacturing catapulted them in just a decade to a powerhouse of high tech. Through every iPhone and computer we purchased we funded the Chinese Communist Party and every genocide they perpetrated upon their people.

We funded their one child per family policy that killed an unknown number of female babies. We are right now funding their abuse of the Uighurs as the Chinese sterilize their women and send their people into re-education camps for having wrong thoughts.

What President Biden does over the next 6 months to a year will be crucial to the United States remaining dominant in the world. Will he continue President Trump’s hard line toward China or will he soften our approach and allow them to cement their dominance into this next decade?