Everything you need to know about 5G

Her delivery is dry but the information is solid gold. If you’ve ever wondered how 5G technology works and if it’s safe this is the video to watch.

I’ve been reading about 5G for a long time. I’m not afraid of the roll out of the new technology mainly because it’s not getting installed where I live any time soon. The places that need to worry are the large metropolitan areas because for 5G to be effective there need to be a lot of cell sites close together. The farter you are from the cell site the more meaningless 5G becomes.

In my opinion, in the short term it’s not necessary. 4G speeds are more than fast enough. I’m not even sure 5G is a necessary technology in the medium term as compression technologies are able to deliver more data in smaller packages all the time. The wireless companies don’t give us full unlimited data either. A person using 5G will blast through their data in less than a day if they’re going to start downloading or streaming HD or 4K video to their phone.

No one knows exactly what effect these millimeter waves will have on people that live close to these cell sites. I don’t think anyone knows how safe 5G phones are either. The further a phone is from the cell site the higher the transmit power in the phone. It looks like we can chalk this one up to another experiment on the population.