Kevin Bae

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What are we to believe?

A postal worker in Erie, PA became a whistleblower saying the Post Office was back dating ballots. At first he was anonymous and then he came forward.

The media then reports that the whistleblower recants his allegations citing anonymous sources from people “briefed on the investigation and a statement from a House congressional committee.”

Then the whistleblower comes out with a video saying he absolutely did not recant his allegations.

Are we to believe a news media citing anonymous sources or are we to believe what’s coming out of the person at the center of the story?

The media should be calling for a complete investigation so we can get to the actual truth of the story. Instead they are pushing so hard to sweep everything under the rug. If you want the American people to trust in the election outcome all these things need their time through the legal system. Otherwise there will always be a cloud over a Biden Presidency.