Media disinterest in voter fraud and irregularities is irresponsible and harmful to the republic

I just watched a press conference by the Trump Campaign and the Republican Party. There are many serious allegations regarding the vote in Pennsylvania and Michigan. The Republican Party in Michigan have affidavits from people alleging fraud. They have a whistleblower from the City of Detroit alleging back dating of ballots.

Maybe it’s true and maybe it isn’t. But, why is the media so disinterested in this story? They seem to only like “whistleblowers” when it fits their political ideology. Why are they not assisting in investigating reports of voter fraud and election officials refusal to follow their own rules for elections? There is more evidence here for fraud and abuse than there ever was with the Trump/Russia collusion allegations.

This is bad for the country. The media is basically a pseudo arm of the Democrat Party and the politics of the progressives. How can we expect to get the real story when they won’t even approach it? We’re left to hope that the courts take this seriously and the cases get moved through the system in rapid fashion.

We won’t know what is true or not until this gets sorted out.