Kevin Bae

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Trump exposed “The Swamp” for what it is

I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 but did last Tuesday. I still don’t like him on a personal level but believe he is better for the country than Biden. I have tremendous respect for his ability to fight. He has been attacked by the entire establishment. The media. The Republicans. The a Democrats. The Justice Department. The entire administrative apparatus of the United States. All the knives were out and none could penetrate his thick skin. I now hope he’s able to pull the facade off the early voting, mail-in ballots (not absentee), and electronic voting machines and expose them for the fraud vectors they are.

I never thought I would say this. But President Trump is what this country needs.

This election proves that voting needs to be simplified and less technological. New technology isn’t always an improvement. Any “mail-in” voting needs to be absentee voting where a ballot is requested and can more easily be verified. Counting of votes by mail should be on a regular schedule as they arrive (maybe weekly) and added to the count on election day. No votes by mail accepted after the polls close on election day. Get rid of “provisional ballots” and same day registration. Perhaps even make the national election day a national holiday eliminating any arguments that people can’t make it out to vote. Any computer software needs to be open source and regularly audited for legitimacy and security. ID must be required to vote. Uniform rules for voting and process can be made by Congress but need to also allow for local control of the process due to differences in geography and density.

Trump shouldn’t have tried to drain the swamp. He should have gone scorched earth and burned it all down. A wildfire sometimes brings a much healthier and robust forest when the damage is done.