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I want less spam and to sort OneNote @Microsoft #whoneedswindowsholographic #Windows10

I just watched Microsoft’s live stream of their Windows 10 event and while I’m impressed with where they are going with unifying Windows across devices I’m not impressed with their big reveal of Windows Holographic.

I’m sure it’s cool and very whizbang but who really needs this device? Maybe NASA, JPL, or other big companies and organizations but not regular real people. They positioned this thing as if people are going to wear this giant piece of head gear at home and watch Netflix. Why on Earth would I watch Netflix with this thing on my head?

Wired has a write up on the device.

Microsoft went through the new version of Office apps that will be built in to Windows 10 and will be consistent across devices large and small. They demoed OneNote on a giant 84″ Surface Pro wall mounted LCD device. All good things and I would love to totally move to Microsoft devices. But, the two things that hold me back is that Outlook, either the desktop application or the web site, is terrible at filtering spam and OneNote has no ability to sort notes by title. I know spam control is hard but if Google can do it with Gmail I don’t understand why Microsoft can’t. Also, with OneNote, it is unfathomable that in 2014 a simple function like sorting notes by title is not available!

The great thing is, though, with today’s announcement is that I know I can wear a goofy headset and delete my holographic spam and search through my OneNote notebooks.