If MLB batters hit more home runs but no one is there to see it does the ball leave the park?

MLB batters, in 2019, set a home run record knocking 6,106 baseballs out of the park as of yesterday… and the season isn’t quite over. The game was changed over the years to facilitate more scoring and more home runs. The theory was that more scoring makes a more exciting game and a more exciting […]

Words apparently hurt as much as Sticks and Stones

By now, if you’ve been paying, you may have heard the controversy over Dave Chappelle’s Netflix comedy show, “Sticks and Stones”. If you haven’t you should first watch the show and then look up all the commentary. From the title to the content and from beginning to end that one comedy show exposes the sad […]

Google continues down the path to shitty search

I stopped using Google for my everyday search a long time ago. As the years rolled on I started to find that their search engine was trying to be too smart. I use Gmail and an Android phone and increasingly my search results were either what Google’s algorithm thought I wanted versus what I was […]

What’s happening in Hong Kong is simply amazing

This could never happen in the United States. Hong Kong had an estimated 1.7 million people out marching in the streets… PEACEFULLY. If this took place anywhere in the states I doubt that it could go off in such a manner. There are too many trouble makers here, on both sides of every issue, and […]

Mythological Woodstock never existed

I grew up hearing about Woodstock and always thought it to be a crock of crap. Knowing the Baby Boomers as I do I knew there was no way in hell it was anywhere near the event they believed it to be. It was all myth or in the lexicon of today, “Fake News.” This […]

Moral Superiorists are the new master race

This moral superiorist movement continues on their path towards the eradication of the impure. Sarah Silverman, whose comedy has always been built on the far edge of being offensive, finally suffered the attack of the moral superiorists and was fired from a movie just prior to its production. Her sin? She once did a skit […]

I wish I was smart enough to understand the problem and the solution

I took computer science and had to learn combinatorics and boolean functions. I’ll have to file this under the, “If You Don’t Use It You Lose It” part of my brain. I just don’t remember anything beyond the basics to understand the problem or the solution. I should have kept studying. A paper posted online […]

The relevance and prescience of “Free to Choose”

I just finished Milton Friedman’s book “Free to Choose”. This book was published back in 1979 when the country went through one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression (Seems to keep happening doesn’t it?). Comically Friedman had the opinion that socialism had been adequately relegated as a failed ideology but what he failed […]

I’m Gen X… you’re welcome

Is it really that easy to generalize and lump a generation of people into a group with similar traits? A couple of articles caught my attention today in Forbes and Bloomberg that talks about Generation X and Generation Z and I think, for the most part, ring true. Gen-X comprised of latchkey kids and the […]

Dell XPS 13 (2019). A regular user’s review

About a month ago I purchased the latest version of Dell’s XPS 13 laptop. I previously owned the 2016 version and while there isn’t much difference cosmetically there are some improvements that make this laptop much better this time around and one immensely annoying thing that I absolutely hate. Let me get the hate out […]

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