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Election interference is real… and it seems to be Google

I have never clicked on the vote reminders from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Prior to the election all those services annoyed me to no end with prompts about the election. Turns out maybe I should have checked this out because Google, at the very least, has been subtly steering people towards liberal candidates. In fact, using over 700 people to conduct searches just days before the election it is revealed that Google only sent reminders to vote to those that leaned towards liberal candidates.

The above video is from Dr. Robert Epstein on November 9, 2020. He reveals how Google, through search, steers elections towards liberals. He previously testified before Congress pertaining to the 2016 election where he revealed his analysis about how Google pushed people to Hillary Clinton.

The presentation is a little dry but very revealing as to how the public is being manipulated.