Random Thoughts

Moral Superiorists are the new master race

This moral superiorist movement continues on their path towards the eradication of the impure. Sarah Silverman, whose comedy has always been built on the far edge of being offensive, finally suffered the attack of the moral superiorists and was fired from a movie just prior to its production. Her sin? She once did a skit where she donned blackface.

Sarah Silverman, a staunch supporter of liberal causes and of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, is one of the biggest liberals in entertainment. She supports all the things today’s moral superiorists support. But the one thing you can’t have in this new world of the moral superiorist is have a past.

You can never make a mistake. You must be pure. You can’t slight anyone at any time unless they disagree with the moral superiorist ideology. Then not only is it okay to slight them but it’s okay to destroy them. Because in this new world of the moral superiorist purity in thought is paramount. They are the new master race.