In the United States we have failed our children…

In the United States we have failed our children… but not in the way you might think.

We’ve failed to teach them what this country is all about. It’s not about “justice”. It’s not about “fairness”. It’s not about “equality”. It’s not about “safety”. This country is not about anything that will keep you safe and help you sleep well at night.

Instead, this country is about LIBERTY. It was founded in revolution to obtain LIBERTY. The liberty to live your life the way you see fit as long as those liberties do not infringe upon another.

This country is NOT a democracy. It is a REPUBLIC. It was set up as a republic because the founders of the nation where students of history and knew that democracies don’t last. They kill themselves through the tyranny of the majority. The majority tend to run roughshod over the minority (minority of opinion not race) with little thought to their natural rights.

The Bill of Rights is not a list of your rights. It is a protection of your natural rights. Your natural rights are the rights to which all humans are born. The Bill of Rights is there to say what the government CANNOT take from you or do to you. This Bill of Rights does not exist anywhere else in the world and we’re extremely fortunate it was codified in the Constitution of the United States.

In this country where we have our natural rights there are times when people, for whatever reason, will violate the rights of another. It is inevitable. During these time we must enforce our laws and do so in as blind a manner as humanly possible.

Public school no longer teaches the promise of this country and the near perfect system that was envisioned by our nation’s founders. Our founders were not perfect. They were human men like any other of their time. But, their flawed human nature does not negate the genius of their philosophy of government. They didn’t agree on everything but they did agree on the promise of individual liberty.

Two random thoughts on today’s news

  1. Maybe if the FBI wasn’t wasting so much time and energy on the “Russian Collusion” boodogle they could have directed some resources towards the tip that came in on the kid that killed all those people at the Florida high school.
  2. If we’re into self-identification why can’t Elizabeth Warren self-identify as a Native American?

These are some exciting times!! Falcon Heavy LIFTOFF!!

Nothing quite like watching SpaceX launch a Tesla with “Starman” into space.

Over hyped memo is such a waste of time

Yes, it is a waste of time, but, it’s only 4 pages long so if you don’t read it and instead base your opinions on what you hear in the news you’re being irresponsible.  Here’s a link to the  over hyped memo.

The funny thing is that the Democrats and the media were deathly afraid of this thing getting released to the public and they spent the entire week laying landmines in our brains about how this memo is misleading and inaccurate. The Republicans were no better by over hyping this thing as if it was going to blow the doors off the special counsel’s investigation into “Russian collusion” with the Trump campaign prior to the election.

The things in the memo have already been alleged in the court of public opinion. What we need to see or hear is the testimony before Congress that proves the allegations. Otherwise THIS IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

I can’t wait for the Democrat’s memo which promises to be 10 pages long and probably praises the FBI and Justice Department and calls them consummate professionals only interested in seeking the TRUTH.

My predictions about the reaction to President Trump’s State of the Union address tonight.

Here are my predictions about the reaction to President Trump’s State of the Union address tonight. No matter what is in the speech I predict that it will be portrayed as the following:

  • Xenophobic
  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Nationalistic
  • Dark
  • Negative
  • Homophobic
  • Transgenderphobic
  • Mean spirited
  • Protectionist
  • Populist
  • Demagoguery

What did I miss?

Burger King should stick to making burgers rather than trying to explain the Net Neutrality debate.

Burger King should stick to making burgers rather than trying to explain the Net Neutrality debate. In the video below they use the wrong analogy for having different prices for different speeds of Internet access.

In the video they make you wait longer to get your Whopper or pay extra to get it fast. But the analogy is totally incorrect.

The proper analogy should be different prices for different size burgers. You can buy a regular cheeseburger for much less than buying a Double Whopper with Cheese. This way people of almost any income range have access to burgers.

Hyperloop technology should be for freight not people

By Camilo Sanchez – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Hyperloop technology should be for freight not people and the reason is that a hyperloop is really nothing more than an oversized enormous pneumatic tube kind of like the one you use at a bank to make your deposits at the drive through. It’s a point to point technology and once constructed not flexible. Think freight trains but underground and super super fast.

An article in the Wall Street Journal today talks about the increase in airfreight because of all the stuff that’s getting shipped world wide. The speed and flexibility of air cargo outweighs the added cost of the lack of capacity per shipment. Shipping things over the ocean is simply too slow and subject to many issues such as labor problems and weather. Shipping cargo by plane is also subject to the same issues that could slow shipments.

As online shoppers come to expect faster home delivery, passenger jets and dedicated cargo planes are picking up more kinds of cargo traditionally carried by container ships, trains and trucks. Global airfreight traffic climbed almost 9% year-over-year in November as a jump in e-commerce orders supercharged the holiday rush, according to cargo data provider WorldACD. Rates for airfreight were up 17% annually that month.

Strong global economic growth also is spurring demand for goods long ferried by air, such as automotive and manufacturing parts. The dual surge is creating some of the stiffest competition for air-cargo space in years, and prompting companies to search for older, idle jets to convert into freighters.

“You’re literally begging and pleading to get on airplanes, leveraging any contact you can,” said Neel Jones Shah, global head of airfreight for Flexport Inc., a San Francisco-based firm that helps customers arrange freight shipments online.

Just think if a hyperloop was constructed between major shipping ports. The cargo containers would be loaded on one end and at extremely high speeds get shot underground to their arrival point. No people even need to be inside the cargo vehicle underground. It wouldn’t take weeks or months as it does now to ship something overseas in fact it would be as quick or quicker as a cargo plane with the capacity of a freight train or several cargo ocean ships. There are no weather issues under ground and there are fewer labor issues as long as you can load and unload containers from either side.

This could also be installed between major cities in every country. This would remove trains and trucks from the nation’s highways and rails. This would serve to reduce traffic both on the ground and in the sky making life a little better for leisure travel.

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