I think Twitter has tweeted itself out… at least for me.

I joined Twitter back in May of 2007 under the handle @kevinb66. One year later I created the handle @kevinbae and used that handle regularly so I could have my name before some other Kevin Bae took it. This was back when news on technology was just starting to go mainstream and all the tech columnists and pundits that I would read or listen to joined. It was a great way to get the latest on all the tech things they were covering. A nice one stop shop.

Over the years, though, either the columnists and pundits moved on to other careers, stopped using the service, or started tweeting things I just didn’t care about. So, slowly, one by one I stopped following them until last week I reached the all time low of following one single tech columnist and therefore effectively stopped using Twitter.

Twitter, and most other social networking sites, have become useless echo  chambers. People are retweeting and discussing the same tweets and bullshit. There is nothing interesting out there anymore. The technology writers of today lack a certain depth of knowledge that makes their writing shallow and pretty uninformed. I don’t want to read the opinions of anyone who can’t see technology that existed prior to their birth. Home computers have been around since the late 1970’s and didn’t start with the launch of the iPhone.

The irony about this blog post is that it will get tweeted out to all my 48 followers (less my own few dormant accounts that follow me). It’s like whispering next to the speaker stacks at an AC/DC concert. No one will hear and no one cares and the rest of the crowd is distracted by the flashing lights and the loud music anyway.

President Trump is more correct than the media on Hurricane Maria death toll.

President Trump is more correct than the media on Hurricane Maria death toll. President Trump tweeted that the death toll from Hurricane Maria was between 6 and 18 when he left the island and the media is now touting that the true number of dead is about 3,000. Where did this giant number come from and which number is correct? According to the Washington Post, both President Trump and the new reported number are correct. How?

Direct deaths cause by the hurricane was set at 64 for the better part of the past year. President Trump could be correct in his tweet that the number of dead was 18 max when he left.

For much of the past year, the government had formally acknowledged just 64 deaths from the hurricane, which ravaged much of the territory and destroyed critical infrastructure.

The government of Puerto Rico, not being satisfied with the death count, commissioned a study to see how many people may have died INDIRECTLY from the aftermath of the hurricane. The phrase the media is using is “2,975 excess deaths” in the 6 months after the hurricane hit.

Hurricane Maria’s devastation in Puerto Rico led to a spike in mortality across the U.S. territory, with an estimated 2,975 excess deaths in the six months after the storm made landfall in September 2017, according to a sweeping report from George Washington University released Tuesday.

The government of Puerto Rico on Tuesday embraced the GWU estimate as the official death toll, ranking Maria among the deadliest natural disasters in U.S. history.

So the magic number of 3,000 or more accurately 2,975, is an entirely made up number. It’s merely an estimate of the number of people that “may have” died as a result of complications or lack of access to medicine or some other cause that could possibly be related to the hurricane.

The GWU report has a limitation: It does not specify how people died. It is a statistical study based on death records and expected mortality rates. The researchers said they hope to conduct a more detailed investigation in the future.

“We can come up with a hundred different hypotheses,” said Lynn Goldman, dean of the Milken Institute School of Public Health. She offered as an example the long-term lack of electricity, which prevented the use of some medical devices. “What we don’t have is the ability today to tell you these are the factors that caused this.”

In essence, President Trump is more correct than the media. 18 is a lot closer to 64 than 3,000. Fake news?

Read more in the Washington Post

Maybe this is why Trump calls CNN “fake news”.

Maybe this is why Trump calls CNN fake news. In this story, that was linked on the home page of CNN’s web site, CNN reports that, “Most Think Trump Will Lose in 2020”.  In the video on the web site they never bother to mention that the poll they’re referencing was taken in May of 2018. Today is August 16, 2018.

Is it real news or fake news to report on a poll taken in May and pass it off as if it is current? Opinions change rapidly and it leaves me wondering if there was a more current poll that shows the opposite.

See it for yourself at CNN

Everyone is a victim. Some Asians say Crazy Rich Asians isn’t Asian enough.

Everyone is a victim. Some Asians say Crazy Rich Asians isn’t Asian enough. This continues to crack me up. While American Asians are all gaga over a movie with all Asians the other Asians in Asia (I’m trying to use the word Asian as many times as possible so I can have a blog post that is mostly Asian) are saying that the movie smacks of “Chinese privilege” and that brown Asians (the oppressed Asians) are being represented in a racist way.

“Part of the way that this movie is being sold to everyone is as this big win for diversity, as this representative juggernaut, as this great Asian hope,” said Sangeetha Thanapal, a Singaporean Indian writer and activist who is researching a doctoral dissertation on the concept of Chinese privilege in Singapore.

“I think that’s really problematic because if you’re going to sell yourself as that, then you bloody better actually have actual representation” of Singaporean minorities, she said.

And these judgments by Asians in Asia are being made before they’ve even seen the film. They are pre- judging based on the movie’s trailer.

“Mind you, I’m happy that there are non-East Asian actors involved in major roles,” said Ng Yi-Sheng, an author and gay rights activist whose debut poetry collection won the 2008 Singapore Literature Prize.

“But judging from the trailers, the browner Asian characters are predominantly guards and domestic workers and drivers,” Mr. Ng said in an email. “That’s kind of oppressive, don’t you think?”

When will the day come when we finally move past all this crap? Hopefully as ethnicities integrate more and more across the globe that we will realize that we need to treat people as people. There really are no races. Discrimination is human nature. We all do it and not all discrimination has malice.

At the very least watch the damn movie before criticizing it’s content. Damn it! My last two paragraphs didn’t use the word Asian at all until this very sentence. Maybe I was unable to attain my goal because I’m only half Asian. If I was full Asian I would have tried much harder. It’s a constant internal battle I have. My Asian side is in constant war with my non Asian side.

From the New York Times

Switching to the Brave Browser

There’s a new web browser in town and it’s name is Brave. I discovered this relatively new web browser listening to some podcasts and decided to try it out. It’s fantastic. It’s light, it’s fast, and it blocks ads and tracking natively. The picture shows how many trackers and ads that were blocked just from the normal sites I visit.

Watch this video and give it a try.

It’s about time something provided some competition to Google’s Chrome.

US media outlets depend on our national ADD when reporting on President Trump

US media outlets depend on our national ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder in case you didn’t know) when reporting on President Trump. They are counting on the fact that few of us will watch the entirety of any of President Trump’s press conferences. How do I know this? Because I watch the press conferences and then read the reporting. Before I go any further take the time to watch the Trump/Putin press conference in Helsinki. It’s a little over 45 minutes but at least you’ll see and hear it for yourself.

There was nothing new in this press conference other than President Trump citing the “Pakistani gentlemen” that were working for Debbie Wasserman Schultz. I haven’t seen that put forward in the press and it was still largely ignored by most media reporting on the press conference. There was a brief mention of it in the Washington Post’s editorial but it was poo pooed as a right wing conspiracy theory.

Here are the editorial headlines that do not describe what I saw.

Chicago Tribune: Trump dances to Putin choreography

The Wall Street Journal: The Trump First Doctrine

The New York Times: Why Won’t Donald Trump Speak for America?

The Washington Post: Trump just colluded with Russia. Openly.

The editorials contain some truth and some accurate quotes but they are not entirely in context nor do any of them really convey the truth of the press conference. They are painting  a picture of a President that is under the thumb and controlled by Russia when in reality this was Trump being Trump. Self promoting and bombastic while also poking his opponents in the eye.

Today’s Supreme Court decision is a victory for liberty, freedom of association, and freedom of speech

If President Trump was good for anything he was good for placing Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. Without that appointment the decision today would not have happened and labor unions would have been able to continue to strong arm people into supporting the unions’ political causes.

This one decision (and the slashing of regulations across the board) makes me glad that Trump was elected President over Hillary Clinton. A President Clinton would have turned the Supreme Court further into making law where it doesn’t exist instead of applying the laws as written.

The confiscation of one person’s rights to serve another is never justified.

The anti-union National Right to Work Foundation, which funded the challenge, predicted the ruling would free more than 5 million public employees from supporting their unions.

For the unions, which traditionally support Democrats, the ruling will mean an immediate loss of some funding and a gradual erosion in their membership. Union officials fear that an unknown number of employees will quit paying dues if doing so is entirely optional.

The ruling is likely to have a political impact in many states where these unions have been strong supporters of the Democratic Party.

Read more from the LA Times.

A license plate, a tweet, and how utterly stupid we’ve all become.

More proof that we are doomed as a society. We’re primed to be invaded and taken over by almost any outside threat because our navel gazing has reached epic proportions. I think those are enough clichés thrown into a couple sentences.

On Tuesday, Twitter user @petegaines posted a picture on Twitter of the license plate “1488” and questioned why the state issued it.

“Hey @ILSecOfState why do you allow Nazis to get Nazi slogans on their Tesla’s personalized license plates?” @petegaines tweeted.

That number is a combination of two figures celebrated by white supremacists. The first two numbers stand for “14 Words” and references the slogan, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The second two numbers, 8 and 8, represent the eighth letter in the English language — H — and when put together are meant to stand for “Heil Hitler.”

And what is the response from the State of Illinois?

Officials with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office said state records only go back to 2002, but show the plate was associated with another person who shares the same last name as the current plate holder, who took over the number earlier this year.

Family heirloom or not, the plate’s days are numbered.

“We are going to pull the plate,” said Dave Druker, secretary of state spokesman. “We checked with the Anti-Defamation League and they confirmed those numbers are associated with white supremacy. So our plan is to reach out to (the plate holder) and offer him another license plate.”

And the guy who has the plate that was kept in his family?

The plate holder said that can’t happen soon enough.

“I’m going to be storing the car until I can get the plates changed,” he said.

He just rolled over to the fascists.

I used to have a license plate, “TITAN 88”, would that get me in trouble today with some tweeting asshole? The plate was our neighborhood football team and 88 was my number. The 88 was for a favorite player on the Dallas Cowboys not for Hitler. Why are people so fucking stupid?!?

From the Chicago Tribune.