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  • Delta uses taxpayers to restructure its business

    Delta uses taxpayers to restructure its business

    How about that. Did you know tax payer dollars helped Delta Airlines to totally restructure their business? the company received $5.6 billion in federal aid from the CARES Act last year. It also got $3.3 billion from the second round of relief funding this year and $3.1 billion from the American Rescue Plan, which included some federal loans. ajc.com […]

  • Stop all welfare… all of it. Unless it’s UBI then I want my share

    Stop all welfare… all of it. Unless it’s UBI then I want my share

    I’m against all government subsidies. I’m against handing out taxpayer dollars to private entities of all kinds. Government should not deciding what industries thrive and which get deprecated to the dustbin of history. What I will take is the proposed Universal Basic Income (UBI). First because I have paid a disgusting amount in taxes over […]

  • Where’s my money?!?

    The IRS is still holding my money and there doesn’t seem to be a sign on when they’ll send it back. Maybe they’re having trouble finding enough cash because of all the trillions upon trillions we’re spending. At least I’m not alone. This year a host of problems rooted in the Covid-19 pandemic have led […]

  • Illinois Governor JB Pritzker increases pension obligations

    How do you take a pension system that is only 18.4% funded and make it solvent? Well, you make the pensions more generous of course. Previously, a Chicago firefighter born on or after Jan. 1, 1966, would receive a non-compounding annual 1.5% cost-of-living adjustment to his or her pension, with a lifetime limit of 30%. […]

  • Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner seeks to nearly double salary

    Why is it the first thing Democrats do when they get into office is to fleece the taxpayers? Newly elected Democrat Tiffany Porter proposes to tack on $2.00 per parcel in fees in order to boost her own salary. She was elected in November 2020. Gwinnett Tax Commissioner Tiffany Porter, who was elected in November, […]

  • We’ll pay for that $1.9 trillion handout… in 10 YEARS

    Here’s a lesson in how to redistribute $1.9 trillion dollars and say its in balance. Pass a tax bill that, in theory, pays for the redistribution from tax increases OVER 10 YEARS. The planned increases reportedly include: raising the corporate tax from 21 percent to 28 percent; increasing the income tax rate on people making more […]