Tag: Social Media

  • Elon Musk trolls the world

    At least he’s a little funny while enjoying our taxpayer dollars.

  • Online advertising model smells like fraud

    Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Spotify, Amazon, and more shove ads into your content. I always had the opinion that online advertising and the way these companies make money with it smells like bullshit. Online advertising dollars has always been bullshit. Starting all the way back in the early days of the Web and banner […]

  • Get off Telegram now

    When the ads start rolling your speech stops flowing. Telegram will have to convince advertisers that its audience is broad, which could be a challenge following reports that far-right groups and white supremacists flocked to the app after being banned from other platforms. Mr. Durov will also have to satisfy Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s […]

  • Fireside: another social platform you don’t need

    You may or may not have heard of Clubhouse. It’s all the rage in the social media space and is being closely watched by the podcast industry. I posted about this earlier. You didn’t need that service and you also don’t need the copycat Fireside. Let’s set aside the future lawsuit that may occur regarding […]

  • Clubhouse, the social network you didn’t know you didn’t need

    Clubhouse is the new hot commodity in the “tech” world. It’s basically an audio online chat room but with controls. From what I’m reading in tech press and hearing on podcasts Clubhouse is trying to be the next “platform” for speech. Not free speech mind you but for speech. This is just another platform to […]

  • Ron DeSantis, another presidential contender

    Maybe I should have moved to Florida instead.