Videos of the “insurrection” and “coup attempt” you won’t see on the news

Here’s a bunch of videos from inside and around the capitol during the so-called “coup attempt” and “insurrection”. This was no riot. Watch them now before YouTube takes them down.

Did some violence happen? Yes. 2 people die during the protest. One of the protesters was shot and the other a police officer. Other deaths were on the periphery and not directly related to the people entering the building.

If kept in context this was probably the most peaceful protest in history where a few hundred people entered and thousands of people occupied the outside of a building. It’s surprising that it didn’t get more out of control than it did. The worst stuff that happened was caused by a few. If you look at these videos these were disgruntled citizens just wanting to make their voices heard.

You can find more videos here. Feel free to peruse those before they’re all removed from the Internet. Once that’s done the real history will be erased.


Media didn’t get what they wanted so they said it happened anyway

The Wall Street Journal makes it look like the capitol was ablaze.

I watched the so-called “riot” and “coup attempt” yesterday live as it was happening. I suspect thousands, if not millions, of people around the country and the world were watching as well. I was watching the electoral vote count and the debate on the opposition to Arizona’s electors on the PBS Newshour program with Judy Woodruff. They had extensive coverage of what was unfolding inside the capitol building and had a reporter inside the building as well. The scene I was watching was opposite to what they were reporting and the subsequent coverage by all the major news organizations in the aftermath are even more dishonest.

This is why we are where we are. If you watched it you know you didn’t see an insurrection, a coup attempt, or a riot. If you didn’t watch it and you’re only getting small clips now from the news you’re getting a different picture than the facts of the incident. Unlike the violent and city destructive protests over the summer of 2020 this protest was actually mostly peaceful. There was a small group of the protesters that broke into the capitol building. They did cause some damage and there were some injuries, including one death of a woman who was shot by security inside near the Speaker’s offices. But, there were no fires set. No destruction of statues, art, or structures inside or outside the building.

How can an honest media describe this as a coup attempt and a riot when the protesters “storming” the capitol strolled through the rotunda and actually stayed within the roped off path? The majority of them looked in awe of the building they were walking though. Take a look at the NBC report below. It’s over 4 minutes of peaceful protest and people strolling within the ropes but described as disturbing, rare, and troubling.

I listen to the No Agenda Podcast where they cover the media and deconstruct the reporting. They had clip after clip of the media mischaracterizing the events as they were unfolding. I encourage you to listen to at least the first hour of their podcast. It will illuminate the massive propaganda machine that is the American news media. Here are some examples.

The worst thing any of us can do right now is take the information being fed to us and just believe it. Question everything you see, hear, and read. You are not being told the truth.


Capitol protesters solidifies congress’ opposition to Trump

The massive protest at the U.S. capitol today wobbled the legs of the Senate and the House of Representatives. But instead of pushing them to addressing the grievances of half the country they instead will just rubber stamp the Electoral College tally and confirm the election of Joe Biden.

What is genuinely needed here is for the states to re-evaluate their election laws, their COVID-19 lockdown regulations, and get back to the work of protecting the U.S. Constitution. The rights of the people have been trampled like no other time in my life.

The protesters have been labeled by an irresponsible media as terrorists and rioters. While one person reportedly was killed during this protest there were no “riots”. There was virtually no damage to the capitol building. This was not like the protests all across the country during 2020. They didn’t set anything on fire and destroy property. The media is fulfilling the criticism of President Trump by becoming the enemy of the people by continuing to suppress the facts. Twitter froze Trump’s account and along with Facebook deleted his video in which he tells the protesters to go home peacefully. They did this because he didn’t say what they wanted him to say in the way they wanted him to say it.

Does anyone know the size of the rally that turned into the protest? Not reported. While the media was reporting a violent protest the accompanying video showed people mainly strolling through the capitol rotunda and congressional chambers.

It’s a dark day for the United States alright. It’s a dark day because today we have officially moved into a nation of men and not laws.


The latest Trump controversy is another non-controversy

First, here’s the video all the media is talking about but won’t show you. At least until YouTube takes it down.

Now, here’s a link to an article from that tells you the truth about where the video was shown and how it probably wasn’t seen by too many people. I’m sure more people have seen it now than if the media would have just ignored the nonsense. Here’s a tweet that shows the room where it was playing. As you can see the room is empty. It was an “art” display.

The legacy media are having their Dr. Zaius moment, paternalistically shielding their infantile audience (read: you and me) from ugly images and realities. This is not simply a revolting development but a deeply troubling one that will only accelerate the ongoing loss of confidence and trust the public has in media. According to polling done for the Columbia Journalism Review, fewer than 20 percent of us have a “great deal of confidence” in the press. The only institution held in lower esteem is Congress.
Yet the media seem happy to keep digging their own grave. Yesterday, for instance, The New York Times reported on what it called a “macabre video of [a] fake Trump shooting media and critics” that was shown at a conference held at one of the president’s own properties (Trump had nothing to do with the conference or the video, which the White House has condemned). You’d assume the paper would link to or embed the video in support of its characterization. But it refused to, even as it’s safe to say that it was the Times’ coverage that helped bring the video to a large viewing audience (that’s how I learned about it). Instead, it described the video, which was included in an exhibition of videos associated with pro-Trump “memesmith” Carpe Donktum

I’m not defending President Trump. I’m just kind of disgusted with how the news is manipulating people. They talk about “the Russians” but they really need to look in the mirror.

Take Meet the Press and Chuck Todd for instance. I ran across this tweet from the show:

Listening to Chuck Todd talk about what the President said and refuse to actually show the clip to which he’s referring is journalistic malpractice. What right does he have to withhold the information from the public? Here’s a tweet that has a link to the video of President Trump’s comments on former Vice President Biden and his son Hunter.

Just when I think things can’t get more ridiculous they get more ridiculous.