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  • Dr. Levine should not be confirmed

    Dr. Levine won’t answer a simple question regarding the federal government allowing for minors to make decisions on hormone therapy and surgery on their genitalia. This person should not be confirmed. Exchange between Sen. @RandPaul and Dr. Rachel Levine on on Gender Transition. pic.twitter.com/uL0zPTAmke — CSPAN (@cspan) February 25, 2021

  • Rise in skin cancer may only be an epidemic of diagnosis

    My goodness. What the heck is happening in the world? All this nonsense about limiting exposure to the sun has not only lead to an increase in unnecessary cancer diagnosis but also has possibly caused vitamin D deficiencies making us more vulnerable to viruses like SARS-CoV-2. This study highlights an inconvenient truth: absent metastasis, no […]

  • UK mRNA Vaccine Protocols are going to make you sick. Or at least the vaccine will.

    Here’s a link to the UK mRNA vaccine protocols. Pay particular attention to section 4.8 because this is coming to an injection site near you. Mind you this vaccine was tested over 80% on white males so your mileage may vary if you are anything else. 1 in 10 will experience flu like symptoms after […]

  • Between 15% & 30% of health care is probably unnecessary?!?

    I just read an opinion piece in the New York Times where cardiologist, Dr. Sandeep Jauhar talks about people not going to the doctor or hospitals during the COVID-19 bruhaha. In this article he talks about how perhaps we go to the doctor too much. I agree. When you go to the doctor they’re don’t […]