Mayor wears battle helmet to talk to peaceful protesters

This is akin to the CNN reporter talking about mostly peaceful protests while buildings are burning in the background. How stupid is the world we live in now? Mayor Mike Elliott of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota should change his name to Mike Idiot.


FDA approves drugs on an honor system

I just learned something new today. I wonder if this was always true or if it is a relatively new thing.

Here’s a clip from the Low Carb MD podcast where they interview Katherine Eban. She’s an investigative journalist.


Kemp whiffs on opening Georgia

Middle of the road Republicans are always a problem. This is loser behavior. You can’t appease your enemies. They won’t vote for you anyway. All you do with a middle of the road stance is piss off your allies.

The governor signed an executive order that as of April 8 ends a ban on large gatherings, eliminates shelter-in-place requirements for vulnerable populations, and pares down a lengthy list of safety guidelines that businesses such as bars, retail stores and entertainment venues are supposed to follow.

Kemp issued a separate order Wednesday that could end Georgia’s state of emergency on April 30, a year after it started. But Kemp could decide to extend that declaration, as he has done repeatedly over the past year.

Last I looked Georgia is directly north of Florida. Florida has been open since September and they are doing hunky dory.

It should be obvious by now that lockdowns only postpone the spread of the virus. Open our country back up, have people who are most vulnerable protect themselves, and get a vaccine if you’re worried. Otherwise let’s get back to life!


Woman survives Holocaust only to be killed by Cuomo’s COVID-19 policies

Felicia Friedman lived to be 94 years old. She died on May 19, 2020 due to Emmy winning Governor Cuomo’s decision to send COVID-19 patients into nursing homes. How’s the impeachment going in NYC? Oh… it’s not. Turns out if you’re a Democrat you can send people to their deaths and diddle your staff with no repercussions.

Born Felicia Deutscher, a Jewish girl in Poland, she was 13 when the Germans invaded in 1939. From the ghetto in Kraków to the Płaszów labor camp, from Auschwitz to a death march west to Neustadt-Glewe, she would spend the next 5½ years caught up in the Holocaust. She saw her 6-year-old cousin shot for picking a flower. She was beaten repeatedly for the offense of being a Jew with a German-sounding surname. She was chased by military dogs and hounded by SS guards. She watched a friend executed for humming a Russian tune.

Wall Street Journal

When I read what the Holocaust survivors had to endure to live another day it makes me sick when today’s “progressives” cry victim. They have no fucking clue what being a victim is.

In the fall of 1944, she and others from Płaszów were shipped by cattle car to Auschwitz. Lined up for the gas chambers twice, she survived the first time when the gas ran out, and the second time when a group of gypsies were herded in ahead of her.

In January 1945, with the Red Army approaching, a group of Auschwitz prisoners were forced on a death march. Felicia observed her 19th birthday trudging through the snow toward the German border.

Wall Street Journal

The Nazis proficiency in killing people could take her down. She met her end at the hands of an incompetent governor that was heralded by the media and the Democrats because they hated an orange colored man in the White House.

In the end, she died as a result of bureaucratic bungling when Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration allowed Covid-19 patients to be moved to nursing homes—stealing from us a treasure of historical memory.

Wall Street Journal
Image by Peter Tóth from Pixabay

Concept of prolonged COVID-19 symptoms dubious

I don’t doubt that some people who have severe infection from COVID-19 can have permanent damage. Seems logical. But, I’m against the NIH spending over $1 billion to study something based on a dubious surveys where almost half never had a COVID test in the first survey and only 15.9% tested positive in the second survey. The NIH is using the politicized results of a political organization’s un-scientific survey to spend billions in taxpayer money.

The concept of long Covid has a highly unorthodox origin: online surveys produced by Body Politic, which launched in 2018 and describes itself atop its website’s homepage as “a queer feminist wellness collective merging the personal and the political.” In March 2020, the group’s co-founders created the Body Politic Covid-19 Support Group, and as part of their mission of “cultivating patient led research,” the organization coordinated a series of online surveys on persistent symptoms. Based on the results of these, Body Politic produced the first report on long Covid in May.

But many of the survey respondents who attributed their symptoms to the aftermath of a Covid-19 infection likely never had the virus in the first place. Of those who self-identified as having persistent symptoms attributed to Covid and responded to the first survey, not even a quarter had tested positive for the virus. Nearly half (47.8%) never had testing and 27.5% tested negative for Covid-19. Body Politic publicized the results of a larger, second survey in December 2020. Of the 3,762 respondents, a mere 600, or 15.9%, had tested positive for the virus at any time.

Wall Street Journal

Hey, it’s all funny money anyway now. So, really, who cares.


A Senate without the filibuster might be a good thing

Imagine a paralyzed Senate. A Senate that gets nothing done. A Senate that can’t pass legislation. It’s like a dream come true!

It takes only one Republican to object to a request but a majority to overcome most objections. Mr. Schumer might at any time need all 50 of his members—and the vice president—on the floor to move things along. Likewise to override a flow of “points of order.” All day, every day. Republicans could flit in and out, and it would only take a handful of members to force roll calls for all these votes, eating up more hours. Democratic senators and Kamala Harris would essentially live at the Capitol, constantly on call. If even one was absent at a crucial moment, the Senate would essentially shut down.

Now add in “quorum” calls. Any senator can question, pretty much any time, whether the Senate truly has 51 senators on the floor (the vice president doesn’t count). It’s unclear whether a lone Republican could issue a quorum call, flee and stymie Senate business until the sergeant of arms rounded him back up. But even if that lone Republican stayed, quorum calls would eat up hours. The Senate secretary is required in each case to call the roll, of all 100 senators. Anyone who has ever watched C-Span 2 knows this takes ages.

There are even more creative ideas, but these tools alone would be enough to paralyze the institution. The Senate convenes. Quorum call. The presiding officer asks for consent to forgo reading yesterday’s journal. Republicans object. Roll call vote. The officer asks for consent to speed through “morning business.” Republicans object. Democrats move to get on an issue. Point of order. Roll-call vote. Quorum call. Republicans object to the motion. Roll-call vote. A speech. Quorum call. Etc., and so on, until adjournment.

Wall Street Journal
Image by Michael Helms from Pixabay

We’ll pay for that $1.9 trillion handout… in 10 YEARS

Here’s a lesson in how to redistribute $1.9 trillion dollars and say its in balance. Pass a tax bill that, in theory, pays for the redistribution from tax increases OVER 10 YEARS.

The planned increases reportedly include: raising the corporate tax from 21 percent to 28 percent; increasing the income tax rate on people making more than $400,000; expanding the estate tax; paring back tax preferences on pass-through businesses such as limited-liability companies; and setting up a higher capital gains tax rate for individuals making at least $1 million…

As Bloomberg notes, an independent analysis of the Biden campaign’s tax plan conducted by the Tax Policy Center found that it would raise around $2.1 trillion over 10 years.

The Hill

Like this can’t be repealed if the government flips to republican control again.

Here’s an idea. Cut government at all levels and return the savings to the people. The only redistribution we need is from government to the people Stop taking so much of our money in the first place.

Image by Piyapong Saydaung from Pixabay
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Chicago is so flush with cash it can provide Guaranteed Basic Income to residents

Some genius Chicago aldermen have the brilliant idea to provide a “Guaranteed Basic Income” to city residents.

Alderman Gilbert Villegas, Alderwoman Maria Hadden and Alderwoman Sophia King introduced the resolution to the Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development of the Chicago City Council.

“Distributing cash directly to Chicago families would transform life for millions of Chicagoans for generations to come,” Villegas said.

ABC 7 Chicago

The schools that gave them diplomas should be shut down for educational malpractice because these people cannot perform basic addition and subtraction.

The people of the City of Chicago would have to tax each and every taxpayer $41,100.00 in order to eliminate the city’s current debt burden of $36 billion. Hmmm. That’s a little more than the $37,103.00 per capita income according to the U.S. Census. I think it’s gonna be a little difficult to pay that off.

Chicago ranked next-to-last and was labeled a “sinkhole city” in Truth in Accounting’s latest report, “Financial State of the Cities.” The rankings of the nation’s 75 largest cities reflect financial data prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, showing how poorly positioned major cities such as Chicago were for a financial disaster.

The report found Chicago’s net debt – or the amount of money needed to pay its bills after accounting for everything the city owns – was $36.4 billion. That represents a per-taxpayer burden of $41,100, meaning each taxpayer would need to send that amount to the city in order for Chicago to eliminate its debt, earning the city an F for fiscal health. Chicago’s debt per taxpayer increased by $4,000 from the previous year and is 5.5 times the average burden of $7,355 per taxpayer across all 75 cities.

Only New York was in worse shape, with a whopping $68,200 taxpayer burden on $186.7 billion in net debt.

I lived in the Chicago area for 53 years. I relocated partially because Illinois and Cook County have crushing public pension debts. The debt is so large that the only way out is to tax the bejeezus out of people because the government refuses to do anything to reign in pensions.

Calls for a pension amendment continue to grow louder in Illinois, but Gov. J.B. Pritzker has remained silent on the topic since incorrectly claiming in his budget address last year that an amendment is prohibited by the contracts clause in the U.S. Constitution.

But wait… there’s more! Chicagoans are also responsible for the state’s pension debt. So each Chicagoan needs to add $52,000 ON TOP of the $41,100 in order to eliminate their debt burden. That’s three times their per capita median income. Stuff that in your pipe and smoke it.

Chicagoans should also know the city debt is not their only liability. Every Illinois taxpayer also owes $52,000to pay all the State of Illinois’ debts, Truth in Accounting reported in September. The $41,100 Chicago debt is on top of the state debt.
Image by Rilsonav from Pixabay

Puppet masters and the puppet

It is abundantly clear that Schumer, Pelosi, and Harris are the puppet masters that keep Joe Biden moving. It’s almost as if you can see them pulling the strings on his back.

I don’t think Joe Biden will make it through the year before they cut his strings and we have the first woman president, Kamala Harris.

If Hillary was dead she’d be spinning in that grave.


Normal Vitamin D levels decrease COVID-19 symptom severity and hospitalization by 90%

Dr. Ryan Cole of Cole Diagnostics unambiguously declares that the pandemic is over… at least in Idaho. The rest of the country is pretty much the same though. Here are some tidbits from his half hour presentation.

  • Average age of a person dying from COVID-19 is 78.6 years. Exactly matches the average age of a person dying for any reason at 78.6 years.
  • Masking outside is insanity
  • Lack of vitamin D is the main driver of susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2
  • Cold & Flu season doesn’t exist. Only lack of Vitamin D season exists
  • You need to be outside for at least 30 minutes a day without sunscreen to get your vitamin D levels to normal
  • Obesity suppresses Vitamin D
  • Biology determined the higher risk of darker skinned people from severe COVID-19 reactions not social disparity
  • Cut processed food, sugar, and carbohydrates from your diet in addition to supplementing Vitamin D
  • If there is a therapy for a disease a vaccine cannot be approved by law
  • The National Institute of Health (NIH) co-holds the patent with Moderna on their vaccine
  • Ivermectin is an effective treatment and is safe and would have saved 375,000 American lives
  • Pfizer studies were done overseas and not in the U.S.
  • Full course of Ivermectin can be had in the U.S. for $30
  • 100% of world trials found Ivermectin effective
  • Ivermectin is an effective prophylaxis
  • Ivermectin is effective for all COVID-19 variants
  • Definition of the word vaccine was altered to allow mRNA Pfizer and Moderna shots to be approved

Holy smokes this presentation blows all the garbage we’ve been hearing for the last year right out of the water. How long will this video remain up?

Fauci is a liability to the country and has a heavy conflict of interest when it comes to the Moderna shot. He needs to be fired. If what this doctor says is true nearly 375,000 American lives are on his shoulders.

If the video is taken down I’ve uploaded a copy to