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  • Australia is our future if we don’t do something… now

    Australia is our future if we don’t do something… now

    They are experiencing a full on lockdown police state. Australian authorities are publicly shaming people, issuing warrants for arrest, arresting teens for congregating, fining and ticketing people for not going home, and sending employees home and fining them if they show up to work without their papers. This shit has to stop.

  • The Canadian Gestapo got their man

    Bravest man in North America was arrested today for holding “illegal church”. Their national anthem needs to be rewritten. They are no longer free. Who are they standing on guard for? It’s no longer thee. O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all of us command. With glowing hearts we see […]

  • “The Gestapo came again attacking the Church!”

    The bravest man in all of North America stands up to the Canadian Gestapo… Again. More power to him!

  • UK authorities are neo-fascists

    They were almost destroyed by the Nazis. Now they’ve become what they fought so hard against. The excuse of following orders doesn’t absolve this tyranny. Police BREAK DOWN man's door and arrest him for "breach of COVID regulations" in the UK. We no longer have to wonder what modern day tyranny looks like. pic.twitter.com/0uTpzfNyt5 — […]