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  • News burnout

    News burnout

    U.S. wastes money on unproven drugs when Ivermectin is readily available and cheap, President Biden gets tough on Vladimir Putin, COVID-19 Comedy, Trump is the infection and Biden is gangrene, Juneteenth, Don’t hire Coloradans, CRT in schools, and I went for a hike

  • Companies don’t want remote employees from Colorado

    Companies don’t want remote employees from Colorado

    The air might be a little too thin in Colorado. It’s affecting their ability to think clearly. You have to love unintended consequences of stupid laws. Colorado passed a law in an effort to narrow gender wage gaps. They succeeded in spectacular fashion. There is no wage gap if no one is being hired. Big […]

  • Stop Rex from Crying!

    Stop Rex from Crying!

    Episode 8 Value 4 ValueListen to this on Podfriend Shownotes I cover all the stories and more from the past week. Plus if you listen closely you might hear one of my dogs crying because she wants to be let into my office while I’m recording. I start out with our Secretary of HHS spewing […]

  • Being educated and woke may result in unemployment

    Being educated and woke may result in unemployment

    Any company hiring people who are more interested in perceived slights than the mission of your business does not deserve to be hired. Keep these people out so your business doesn’t rot from the inside. The biggest liability that comes with hiring graduates from places like Haverford and Harvard is that they have been socialized […]

  • AFLCIO President Richard Trumka on the jobs President Biden destroyed

    You can see the pain on his face when searching for the words to answer the interviewer’s questions on job losses and Joe Biden. Even though Biden destroyed tens of thousands of union jobs with his executive orders Trumka still can’t bring himself to say anything truly negative. When asked how he feels about the […]