Tag: Cancel Culture

  • Women are cancelled, replaced by Womxn

    We’ve made the transition. Women are no longer women. Welcome the Womxn. Forget the etymology of the word woman. It means nothing now. Definitions are whatever we want them to be. Words no longer really have any meaning. The push away from anything associated with “men” or “man”. Let’s forget that the word “man” really […]

  • Biden Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo should be fired

    I didn’t know who TJ Ducklo was before today. The only reason I heard about him is because he threatened to “destroy” a writer for Politico. Why did he issue such a threat? Because Ducklo has a relationship with a reporter for Axios and that reporter covered the Biden campaign. And we wonder why the […]

  • Gina Carano gets cancelled by people defending Nazis and fascists

    I don’t normally pay much attention to celebrity news. But, once in a while these stories get so wide spread that even I hear about them. The latest is the bruhaha over Gina Carano and her firing by Disney over a post she made on Instagram. The post was about people with conservative political opinions […]

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas should be cancelled

    In our enlightened modern society how can we allow Charlie Brown to get psychologically abused by most of his friends and even his dog? How can we continue to subject current and future generations to the horrific bullying suffered by poor Charlie? Quite frankly it’s a wonder that Charlie didn’t grow up to be a […]

  • New York Times writer Bari Weiss resigns with a scathing resignation letter

    Wow. We all knew it was bad at places like the New York Times but this resignation letter written by one of their opinion writers, Bari Weiss, is a barn burner of a letter. She lets loose on the staff at the Times and describes such a hostile work environment that goes unchecked by the […]

  • Eskimo Pie left out in the cold

    First it was the Land O Lakes Native American woman, then Aunt Jemima, and now they’ve come for the Eskimo Pie. We can’t have nice things anymore. The owner of Eskimo Pie treats said it would change the name of the nearly century-old ice cream brand because the term is derogatory, following similar moves this […]