I’m off the Brave Browser

I used the Brave Browser for about a year and I really wanted to keep using it because it was great at blocking ads, offered very secure browsing, and it was fast. But, there was one problem that kept creeping up that ultimately made me switch to Firefox. The problem is sync. I use multiple […]

Green Energy seems to be an “Exercise in magical thinking”

The entire thing is a long read but read it you must. Here’s some of what you’ll learn and this is just from the executive summary. $1 million invested in green energy only produces 50 million kWh over 30 years while $1 million invested in fossil fuel produces 300 million kWh over 30 years. Solar […]

Switching to the Brave Browser

There’s a new web browser in town and it’s name is Brave. I discovered this relatively new web browser listening to some podcasts and decided to try it out. It’s fantastic. It’s light, it’s fast, and it blocks ads and tracking natively. The picture shows how many trackers and ads that were blocked just from […]

Hyperloop technology should be for freight not people

Hyperloop technology should be for freight not people and the reason is that a hyperloop is really nothing more than an oversized enormous pneumatic tube kind of like the one you use at a bank to make your deposits at the drive through. It’s a point to point technology and once constructed not flexible. Think […]

A regular person’s Pixel 2 Review

I purchased a Pixel 2 and not the Pixel 2 XL because the Pixel 2 is cheaper and has the same internals, with the exception of the screen. Same power and capabilities for less money. Win win. Note: all the pictures of the Pixel 2 were shot using my original Pixel. I’ve been using the […]

Amazon may have the world’s biggest backup hard drive.

Amazon may have the world’s biggest backup hard drive and they’ll drive it to your front door for all your backup needs. Amazon announced the new service, confusingly named Snowmobile, at its Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas this week. It’s designed to shuttle as many as 100 petabytes–around 100,000 terabytes–per truck. That’s enough storage to hold […]

iPhone 7 Plus’ Bluetooth Woes Extend to Land Rover Vehicles

Below is a video made by my wife that shows what happens to her in-car entertainment system when her iPhone 7 Plus is connected to it via Bluetooth. The problem is not with iOS 10 as she experimented with connecting her iPhone 6S Plus which also has iOS 10 installed. I just saw today that […]

Alphabet (aka Google) Just Beat Apple in Maket Cap

Alphabet is now the most valuable company in the world. For Q4 2015, Alphabet beat analyst estimates of 8.10 per Class A share and 20.77 billion on revenue, with $8.67 per share and 21.33 billion in revenue. The news sent the price of Alphabet stock up over 6 percent in after-hours trading, sending Alphabet’s market cap […]

Apple Music really knows how to pick music for me.

I went through the sign on process and chose favorite artists and the screen above is what Apple suggested for me. What a service. In addition, all the music I bought through iTunes, from the days when I used an iPod, are not showing up in my library. What a piece of crap.

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