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  • It’s Pat! Oh how times have changed

    Frankly I’m surprised this clip still exists on SNL’s YouTube channel. Cancel them!!

  • “Equity” is inherently less than “Equal”

    What ever happened to the old saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right”? That’s what the Biden Administration and Progressive Democrats are bringing you. They’ve found a word to replace the phrase, “social justice” and that is “Equity”. The problem is they’ve altered its meaning to fit their agenda. There is a subtle difference between…

  • Women are cancelled, replaced by Womxn

    We’ve made the transition. Women are no longer women. Welcome the Womxn. Forget the etymology of the word woman. It means nothing now. Definitions are whatever we want them to be. Words no longer really have any meaning. The push away from anything associated with “men” or “man”. Let’s forget that the word “man” really…

  • The “N-word” is so toxic you get fired for just debating its use

    We’ve reached the point in American society where a single word (we’re talking about the dreaded and oh so powerful “N-word”) is so toxic that not only can you not use it in any context you can’t even debate the IDEA of a legitimate use by non-black people (aka also known as white people). The…