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  • 0.0002% of the world has Monkeypox… time to PANIC!!!

    0.0002% of the world has Monkeypox… time to PANIC!!!

    When will we stop listening to the multinational organization that cried emergency? 16,000 people are estimated to be infected with the dreaded Monkeypox. Even if most of the people infected weren’t gay men the percentage of the world population with the virus is less than miniscule. The fact that most of the infections are in…

  • We should have listened to the X-Files… the truth is out there

    They had so much right all along. Chris Carter must be a time traveler.

  • Enter the Deltacron

    Enter the Deltacron

    In our latest chapter of  Coronavirus hysteria, enter Deltacron. It has the best of both worlds. A little bit of Delta crossed with all the best of Omicron. You know what that means… severe COVID-19 that evades all the vaccines. Strap in for the next round of lockdowns! A new coronavirus variant nicknamed “Deltacron” has…

  • Seems the entire world is exploding

    Under reported are volcanic eruptions in Alaska, Mexico, and Peru that occurred prior to the eruption in the Philippines. All unexpectedly started spewing hot ash almost 5 miles into the air. Where do you hide from an exploding planet? HEY… ELON MUSK… get that rocket to Mars ready NOW!! A volcano in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands…