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Black Chicagoans starting to realize the Democrat Party doesn’t give a shit about them

The more illegal aliens Texas Governor Greg Abbott sends to Chicago the more the black population in the city is seeing how they’ve been exploited strictly for their votes. I can’t say I feel for them. They should have been able to see they were voting against their own interests with every single Democrat that took office.

Only about 35,000 illegals have been bussed up to Chicago from Texas. But that is more than enough to start taxing city services. Chicago, being a sanctuary city, is supposed to be open to all. The City of Chicago has been repurposing closed schools and other city buildings to house the illegals and people in the neighborhoods are finally having that head slapping moment of, “wait a minute, those resources are supposed to be ours!”

If we can stop calling them migrants and call them illegal aliens again we might get back on a path to sanity. Americans are not against immigration. Americans are against illegal immigration and granting asylum to people from virtually any country. When we as a nation can correct the language we use for the problem only then will we be address the issue. An alcoholic needs to admit he’s an alcoholic before genuine recovery can begin.

Jones, who lives on the South Side of Chicago, is a DEI consultant and proponent of reparations. In 2018, he even ran as a Democrat for a U.S. House seat in Texas. And yet, he can’t help but place the blame on the Democrats for what’s unfolding in his city. 

“What the Democratic Party doesn’t want black people to hear is that this is a Biden policy,” says Jones, 52. “Biden is allowing the borders to remain open.”

In May, the crisis hit his corner of South Shore, where 94 percent of his neighbors are black. That’s when the city announced that an abandoned high school would not become a community center like his neighbors had long been pushing for. Instead, it would become the city’s latest migrant shelter

Jones and I are seated in my rental car, staring up at the large, brick building that led him to file a lawsuit against the city with his neighbor, Natasha Dunn, an education activist for black students in Chicago public schools. Their argument? A public building cannot be used to serve noncitizens.

“There was just this level of disgust,” Jones tells me. “The community has wanted this building back for so long, and now you want to use it in this way that would be harmful? There was no way we were going to stand for that.”

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