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Dominion voting machines in Georgia hacked with a pen live in front of judge in court last Friday

If a Dominion voting machine was hacked, live in court and in front of a judge, and main stream news sources don’t report it… did it happen? The answer is yes. Why do I have to learn about this from The Gateway Pundit when I read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and watch local news in Atlanta every… single… day?

A computer science professor from the University of Michigan asked defense council for a pen. Then proceeded to put the Dominion voting machine into safe mode and demonstrated how he could change vote totals during his testimony in court on Friday, January 19, 2024.

What he did is he began to show the first vulnerability and he borrowed the state defense counsel. So those representing the Georgia secretary, he asked the main counsel to borrow his pen that he was writing with. And then he goes over to the power button, leans down, he holds down the power button for between five to 10 seconds, probably 7 seconds, and it automatically puts the machine in safe mode.

…And this reboot happens. And he then shows the judge the display and it shows a picture of the on off button as he’s pushing it for five to 10 seconds to instigate the reboot. But before you reboot the whole thing there’ll be something that comes up to ask if he wants to go into safe mode, and then he pushes. Yes. So it doesn’t shut it down or reboot. He just goes into safe mode. And that allows him to open up files and change the content of files.

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