Reporter who broke the Hunter Laptop story testifies before a congressional committee… if a tree falls in the forest

Emma-Jo Morris testifies before a congressional committee and gave a run down of everything we already know regarding the Hunter Biden Laptop and the Deep State’s response. We know there was a disinformation campaign by our own government. We know our own government pressured Twitter and Facebook to prevent dissemination and censor the information. We know former members of our “intelligence” community participated in this disinformation campaign. We know the media colluded with these people to push the Russian plot narrative. We know everything Ms. Morris said is true.

So what? No one will do anything about it. If someone was going to do something, or if they were even able to do something, it would have happened already. Does anyone actually expect anyone in the Biden Justice Department to start an investigation? Does anyone expect them to convene a special counsel to investigate? NOTHING will happen. The media won’t even report on this committee hearing.

Our government and the law is beyond broken. It’s beyond dysfunctional. Where do we go from here?