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Reuters reports every living U.S. President is a descendent of a slave owner… except Donald Trump

Hahahahaha. This stuff is just too funny. The one everyone hates is the only one who isn’t attached to “America’s Original Sin.”

In addition, President Joe Biden and every living former U.S. president – except Donald Trump – are direct descendants of slaveholders: Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and – through his white mother’s side – Barack Obama. Trump’s ancestors came to America after slavery was abolished.

America’s Family Secret – Reuters

But don’t worry. Reuters makes sure to let you know Trump is a racist and is supported by racists. They did this while discussing Senator Lankford from Oklahoma and his support for a review of the 2020 election.

Lankford had voiced support for creating an electoral commission to review the results of the 2020 presidential election before winner Biden took office that month – part of Trump’s multi-pronged effort to overturn the outcome. The Senator expressed deep regret for the decision. Biden beat Trump by 7 million votes, thanks in part to overwhelming support from Black voters.

Lankford had not realized, he wrote, that his support for the pro-Trump review would cause “a firestorm of suspicion among many of my friends, particularly in Black communities around the state,” who viewed the move as tantamount to backing the disenfranchisement of Black voters.

America’s Family Secret – Reuters