Kevin Bae

Non-Social in a Socially Networked World

Now, Nellie Bowles is a lesbian I can stand behind… or in front… or where ever you’re supposed to stand with lesbians… just don’t cancel me please

Reading through my weekly TGIF newsletter from The Free Press I came across this paragraph.

It turns out that closing schools for years was really bad. And schools deciding that math and reading are right-wing didn’t help. And weirdly, teachers becoming quasi-religious figures primarily tasked with gender-discovery journeys also did not improve scores. You know why? Those are my jobs. Yes, all of these tasks used to be the role of the lesbian aunt. It was my job to say math class is trash; Howard Zinn does it better; and Doc Martens are a good shoe that will last you years. It was me who was meant to paint your son’s nails. ME.

TGIF – The Free Press

There’s nothing like some good old fashioned lesbian aunt humor.