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Shopping in San Francisco takes forever. But it’s like you get your own personal shopping valet.

Some stores in San Francisco have aisles of products locked behind plexiglass to prevent theft. One Safeway store doesn’t even let customers carry their own items to the register. They’re so afraid of theft they pick the item and take it to the register for you. This is after a several minute wait for them to come to you, find out what you want, and then unlock the case.

Aisle 10 inside the Safeway at Market and Church streets is lined with gleaming, locked acrylic cases stocked with everything from toothpaste and hand soap to sunscreen and K-Y Jelly. 

But you can’t just go up to the shelf and grab what you want; you need to press a button to summon an associate to unlock the case. What’s more, the employee won’t even give the item to you. The staffer must put it in a basket and bring it to the register, lest you waltz out the door without paying. 

Here’s How Long It Took To Buy Locked Up Basic Items in San Francisco Stores – The San Francisco Standard

There was nothing in the article describing how they know who the products are for that are sitting at the register. What they need is a hoard of personal shoppers to walk with you, pick your items, place them in your cart, and follow you to the register. Or better yet, they should require each shopper to be handcuffed to a cart that has anti-theft technology installed. On second thought that would just encourage theft of items and carts.

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