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Megyn Kelly is converted on trans ideology and preferred pronouns

After years of not seeing the harm in forcing trans-culture on the nation she has finally come around on this movement to rid our nation and the world of genders. This is welcome and more people should see the denial of a physical reality is harmful to everyone.

I don’t care what adults want to do with their minds and bodies. I’m all for adults deciding what to do with their minds and bodies. That sentiment goes for sex change operations and drug use. I don’t care if you want to chop your dick off or use fentanyl until you die. These are all decisions adults make.

But once we have public policies that mess with children, some as young as 5 years old, that’s where I draw the line. Kids aren’t psychologically capable of making any kind of evaluation of their sexuality or gender. They don’t even truly know what it means. I contend even people who are legal adults, over the age of 21, don’t really know what it means to change your gender. People are more immature today than they were just a few decades ago.

We need to draw the line at children. It should never be legal to alter a child through pharmaceutical or surgical means. It’s mutilation, horrific, and inhuman.