The empire is crumbling from the inside. We’re ripe for conquering.

At the risk of repeating myself about the demise of the nation and perhaps western civilization, here’s another post about our rapid demise.

An article in The Free Press today highlights things I’ve been talking about with my family for a long time. Young people are trained in school to hate the United States. If young people don’t believe in the founding principles of the nation they will not fight to protect it. Who’s left to fight except a bunch of old farts. Will the old farts fight to protect a way of life the younger generations don’t believe in and don’t appreciate?

The military can’t meet its recruitment goals. Too many young people are too fat, do drugs, or have a criminal record. This has been a problem for years. It’s now approaching a crisis.

To address the recruitment shortfall, the military has reduced previous standards for entry, allowing men to be 6 percent fatter (and women, 8 percent). It is also trying hard to lure recruits by appealing to their self-interest, with a video of individual soldiers speaking to the camera, encouraging candidates to find “the power to discover, to redefine yourself, to improve yourself, to challenge yourself” and “to realize there’s more in you than you ever knew that you could do.” Recruits can also win up to $50,000 bonus money for enlisting.

But this strategy carries a big risk: young adults tend to be less loyal to organizations with lowered standards that target their personal motives. Study after study has shown as much.

As the University of Toronto psychologist Paul Bloom has written, “If entering the group required a thumbs-up and a five-dollar entry fee, anyone could do it; it wouldn’t filter the dedicated from the slackers. But choosing to go through something humiliating or painful or disfiguring is an excellent costly signal, because only the truly devoted would want to do it.”

In other words, by lowering the barrier to entry, the military has opened itself up to more recruits like Jack Teixeira.

What Your Country Can Do for You – The Free Press