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Raphael Warnock evicting tenants who owe as little as $115 in rent

The church that Senator Raphael Warnock runs is throwing people out into the cold even if they owe as little as $115.00 in rent. Warnock is denying his church is doing this but court records contradict his denials.

The latest evictions involved tenants who were just days late paying their October rent, and owed as little as $115, according to Fulton County Magistrate Court records filed by Columbia Tower.

The records conflict with Warnock’s statements over the past week denying that Columbia Tower—which is 99-percent-owned by the Ebenezer Baptist Church, where he serves as senior pastor—has tried to oust anyone. Fulton County marshals carried out two court-ordered evictions on residents at the property, one in August 2020 and the other in February 2022.

Warnock Denies His Church Evicts Tenants. Three Eviction Notices Were Filed Last Week –

What is a house of God doing throwing people out into the cold? Do churches normally have investments in housing complexes? Is the income from the rentals tax exempt?

Warnock also contends he’s not involved in the day to day business of the apartment complex yet he’s listed as it’s principal officer. Seems there needs to be an investigation into this.