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The Northeast, California, and Illinois want Abrams. That’s all you need to know when voting for Governor of Georgia.

90% of Stacey Abrams’ campaign funds come from outside the State of Georgia. Take a look at the heat map below that was published in the Atlanta Journal today.

Georgia governor’s race sees Abrams, Kemp rake in big out-of-state money –

In the latest period, Abrams’ One Georgia received $3.4 million from the Washington D.C.-based Democratic Governors Association (which had previously contributed more than $1 million) and $2 million from Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, who was listed as being from Santa Cruz, Calif. A Wilmington, Del. political action committee financed by Democratic megadonor George Soros gave $1 million (on top of $2.5 million earlier). Her committee also received $1 million each from big Democratic donors Karla Jurvertson and Regan Pritzker, both from California.

Georgia governor’s race sees Abrams, Kemp rake in big out-of-state money –

The only reason there is a dark green dot on Atlanta is because the Atlanta Journal classified money coming from Abrams’ organization, Fair Fight, as coming from Georgia. I don’t think there’s been an analysis of who donates to that organization. I wonder how much of that money comes from outside the state.

The biggest Georgia contribution during the period came from Fair Fight, the voting rights group Abrams founded after losing the 2018 election to Kemp. The group was listed as contributing more than $1.4 million worth of in-kind contributions, including research, consulting and staff work.

Georgia governor’s race sees Abrams, Kemp rake in big out-of-state money –

I moved to Georgia in 2020 from Illinois, a corrupt and bankrupt state. The last thing I want is for Georgia to head down the same path. I don’t want to have to move again. Putting Democrats in charge of your state will bring higher taxes, higher spending, increased corruption, and a crappier economy. Look at New York, Illinois, and California. These states fleece their citizens and crime is out of control. They waste taxpayer dollars like it’s going out of style. I don’t know about New York or California but I do know Illinois. In Illinois a family of four owes more in unfunded pension liabilities ($76,000) than they earn in household income ($63,585).

Do Georgians want this kind of mess?