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U.S. government panel wants every person under 65 screened for anxiety

For what reason does the U.S. government want everyone under the age of 65 screened for anxiety? Surely it can’t be so they can fund mass drugging of the population. They created a nation of hypochondriacs with all the COVID hysteria. They gave millions anxiety telling them they were going to die or kill their grandparents. We need to defund these task forces.

The draft guidance released Tuesday marks the first time that the United States Preventive Services Task Force has made a recommendation on screening adults for anxiety disorders. The move comes months after the task force issued similar draft guidance for children and adolescents.

“This is a really important step forward,” said Arthur C. Evans, chief executive at the American Psychological Association. “Screening for mental-health conditions is critical to our ability to help people at the earliest possible moment.”

The task force said that there wasn’t enough evidence on whether or not screening all adults without signs or symptoms ultimately helps prevent suicide. The group didn’t recommend for or against screening for suicide risk, but called for more research in the area.

The task force, a panel of 16 independent volunteer experts, issues guidance on preventive care measures. Health insurers are often required to cover services recommended by the task force under a provision in the Affordable Care Act.

I didn’t know this task force existed and I didn’t know they already recommended screening children. COVID-19 killed so many elderly and now the U.S. government wants to finish the job and get the rest of us. I didn’t take their vaccine and I’m not getting screened for this nonsense either.