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Price of July 4th BBQ in 2022 up almost 21%

Remember when good ole Joe told us we were saving $0.16 on our July 4th BBQ in 2021? In case you don’t remember here’s the tweet.

So, what is the story for 2022? According to a story in Marketwatch the price of your BBQ this year is up almost 21%!

A new study from the Political Calculations blog found that the cost of the traditional July 4th cookout, including everything from hamburgers and buns to ice cream and homemade potato salad, has increased by 20.9% to $71.98 in the past year. And that’s not including alcohol. The blog based its calculations using 2021 data from the American Farm Bureau Federation, and comparing the figures with recent prices at Walmart

Sizzling Inflation is Raising the Cost of July 4th BBQ by Almost 21% – Marketwatch

Do you think the White House will push out a cute little tweet like last year?