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Biden Administration is using Title IX to eliminate women

You know why Biden’s Supreme Court nominee could not define a woman? Because women no longer exist. They’ve been erased by men. The descent into madness is nearly complete.

In perhaps the most sweeping change to federal law ever enacted by unelected bureaucrats, the administration’s draft rules redefine “sex” to include “gender” and “gender identity.” This would require every educational institution that receives federal money to allow biological men into women’s locker rooms, sororities and other previously female-only spaces. Any school that attempts to prevent the next Lia Thomas from competing on a women’s team will have its federal funding snapped back—under the same law that once required schools to increase athletic opportunities for women and girls.

Biden’s Title IX Rewrite is an Assault on Women’s Rights – WSJ

The federal government is also after your children. If your children are in public school the state has taken over as parent. Your rights are stripped away.

The Biden rules would also limit the ability of parents to exempt their children from lessons on choosing one’s sex, while empowering schools to transition children without receiving parental consent or even informing parents. Because the new rules both redefine “sex” to mean “gender identity” and carelessly expand the definition of harassment to include protected speech, schools are already punishing children who use biological pronouns to refer to their classmates.

Biden’s Title IX Rewrite is an Assault on Women’s Rights – WSJ